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Interview with HR manager Mr. Dědič from Engel strojírenská spol. s r.o. about why modern technologies are the key to more efficient work, more employee engagement, and the future we need to be prepared for.🚀 Find out more in this exclusive interview!

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Workplace bullying, ethical problems, criminal offences or "just" an overly friendly colleague. There are many factors that destroy well-being, security and good relationships at work. And an equal number of those affected are afraid to report the problem, don't want to do so or even aren't allowed to. The solution is whistleblowing. And today...

Otava 2023


Last weekend, we spent on the gold-bearing Otava River. Plenty of water, at first pleasant fast strea , at the end, a long exhausting slow flow. 💦

Be the first to read what's new in the world of JOBka