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How to whistleblow safely in the workplace

Workplace bullying, ethical problems, criminal offences or "just" an overly friendly colleague. There are many factors that destroy well-being, security and good relationships at work. And an equal number of those affected are afraid to report the problem, don't want to do so or even aren't allowed to. The solution is whistleblowing. And today we're going to tell you how to solve workplace problems easily, safely, and discreetly.

Why solve problems in the workplace and how to recognise them

When dealing with problems in the workplace, you can always refer to the Act No. 262/2006 Sb, the Labor Code, which simply tells you what your rights and obligations are from the point of view of both the employee and the employer. The rest of the terms and conditions of employment are then dealt with in the employment contract.

We will divide the possible issues that you should report and deal with into three categories.

Ethical issues

These include workplace bullying and discrimination against minority groups or individuals because of, for example, gender, education, religion, sexual orientation, etc., as well as ridicule, humiliation, belittling, coercion, insults or harassment.

Legal issues

Legal issues arise when your supervisor or company management prevents you from taking your right o mandatory breaks, leave, carers' leave or negligently caused an accident at work.

Criminal issues

These fall into the most serious category in terms of Czech law. Here, we are talking about bribes, drugs, blackmail, physical assault or even rape.

Whistleblowing discreetly and safely

An old saying says: 'You shouldn't snitch, but you should report it'. But how do you do that when you've got the boss at your back. If reporting would get you fired. If you're afraid you'll make things worse. ou can't tell anyone about your problems for a variety of reasons. So what do you do about it?

The Trust Box is a popular method to ensure you can report a problem anonymously and safely. But we don't mean the classic one hanging on the wall where everyone can see you! One that anyone can steal, recognize you by your handwriting, or find out you printed the message on the printer on the fifth floor.

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Online trust box

JOBka is always on your mobile phone. In addition to many other features such as shift scheduling, attendance reports and leave requests, it also includes an online trust box that guarantees you a safe, discreet and efficient solution to problems in the workplace, whether they are ethical, legal, or criminal.

How does the JOBka trust box work?

💡Everything is anonymous

Once your complaint or message is sent for investigation, it arrives as an anonymous message to the person in charge. No one knows that you wrote unless you request it yourself. In fact, if you wish, you can leave your e-mail address or even a phone number in the message, where you will receive a reply.

With JOBka, you have two options to meet the requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Act.

The first way is the basic version of the JOBka trust box, where you simply choose to write anonymously or expect a return reply. In this case, you will provide your contact details. Only a designated person or an external person can be assigned to manage the mailbox and process your submissions. In either case, your message is completely confidential.

The second method allows you to write an anonymous message, to which you will also receive a reply to the contact you provided. To do this, we use the platform of our partner NNTB, where we maintain complete technical anonymity. For an additional monthly payment with NNTB, you get a more sophisticated whistleblowing platform that is fully integrated into your JOBka application. Ask our sales representative for more detailed information.

💡Questions will not go unnoticed

A designated person from your company or an external employee must read each message carefully, forward it to the relevant authorities and have the situation investigated. This will ensure that the issue is not swept under the rug.

💡Trust box is (not) mandatory

If your company employs more than 249 employees, the trust box is mandatory. Otherwise, all management has to do is request our JOBka team, simply purchase the trustbox module, and within 10 days you'll have it on your mobile phone too.

Inappropriate or illegal behaviour requires a solution. Don't let it go and start addressing it now.