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Our registration stands are very popular


Why should you have a registration stand in your company? 💡

Kick off your new project in style. 😍

What will the registration stand bring you?

💡We will introduce your employees to the new JOBka app. 

💡We will explain its benefits and show them how to register. 📲

In addition to the installed app, your employees will be able to take away an item from our merch offer and possibly, if you go for it with us, your own promotional item. 

Feedback from clients:

Bosal - HR Manager:
I think the whole day went great. I would especially like to highlight your attitude towards all our employees. You were very kind, helpful, and patient. Thank you very much. I think the day was very successful. 🙏

How does such a registration stand work? Check out the video:

We will look forward to maybe coming to your company. 🤩