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JOBka Open day 2023


We have just had a great JOBKA Open day for our clients, which we organized in the beautiful surroundings of the Svatá Kateřina Resort. 😍🙏

Guests not only learned useful information, but also had the opportunity to be pampered in the wellness in the middle of nature. 🌲🌳

💡We showed the possibilities of the corporate application, introduced our partners for possible integrations:

  • PalmApp - Your employees have their earned money whenever they need it. Whether it's the beginning, middle, or end of the month. 💰
  • Verdikto - Simple, fast, and transparent access to legal help. 👩‍⚖️
  • NNTB - Online trust box and internal reporting system.
  • Edenred - Food vouchers and benefits for your employees.
  • Onboardio.cz - Makes recruiting, onboarding, and developing happy employees much easier.
  • Sphere - How your employees get access to over 10,000 bargain shopping opportunities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a points programme with tempting rewards and savings of over CZK 15,000 a year within the whole family. 

We had the best speakers we could have asked for from our clients and they were a great success:

  • Tomáš Baloc, who has many years of experience as a communications manager in an international company. He shared his experience of implementing JOBka in Bosch Czech Republic.🙏📲

  • During his presentation, David Havelec demonstrated the use of JOBka in the environment of the automotive production plant in Písek, which currently has 500 employees, of which about 70% are foreigners of 14 different nationalities. Faurecia, which is part of the FORVIA group, is also a multinational corporation based in France, so he devoted part of his presentation to the difficulties of integrating Jobka into standard corporate tools. 😍

  • Ing. Barbora Biernacki, HR Director at Saint-Gobain Isover, together with her colleague Jana Zilvarová, who is an HR specialist in the training and employee care division of ISOVER, talked about how JOBka helped them not only during the Covid period. 

But it is not only work that makes a man alive. The evening was taken over by an amazing DJ who played every song requested. Photo booth Večerek helped to make the unforgettable moments of the evening immortal. 📸

It was a very successful event. Thank you all and we look forward to next year's event. 🤩