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New in version 5.0


💡Improved Queries module: new anonymous query - you can see the query deadline - archive - online saving of the query in progress (can be continued on another device)

💡Smart Communication: automatic translations using artificial intelligence - asynchronous uploading of attachments (online, multiple at once - you can create something else while uploading attachments)

  1. It is now possible to send all messages to email. If you have an email address filled in for an employee, you can send any information to their email as well.
  2. It is now possible to download PDF attachments everywhere.

💡Multi-queries: new questionnaire creation - simpler layout - easier to enter translations and attachments - continuous saving when creating a questionnaire with the "save" button - a choice between questionnaire and questionnaire - 2 export tips - new questionnaire response detail 36 - automatic email after questionnaire closure

Backoffice💡easier to enter translations💡HR/IT departments can set up content manager users💡API keys - enabling IT departments to generate access

Web Application💡Newly supported module - Chat

What do you think of the new features? We look forward to another journey full of innovation together. 📱😍

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