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Public API Opens Up New Possibilities Or New Features In Version 4.1


We are very excited to introduce the latest version of JOBka - version 4.1. This update brings some revolutionary improvements and new features. 🙏🤩

The main change is definitely the public API. Because the API is love. 😍

What is an API anyway?

An API (application programming interface) is a technology that allows different software applications to communicate and interact with each other. It can be likened to a bridge between two different programs, allowing data and functions of one program to be used in another program without having to create new functions from scratch. A public API can potentially take applications to a whole new level. 📲

With an API, you can easily integrate, for example, an onboarding process, a guestbook, or even production data without spending a lot of time and effort creating everything from scratch. This means faster development, more options, and a better user experience.

💡Thanks to the API, everything connects and integrates.

➡️ API makes connecting different systems and applications easy and fast, leading to more efficient data exchange and complete digitization of processes.

➡️ Our revolutionary API opens the door to limitless possibilities for extending JOBka's functionality and seamlessly connecting with other key systems in your ecosystem. Gain a competitive advantage and automate your workflows with our powerful interface.

➡️ API allows for even better automation of repetitive processes, resulting in reduced manual work and increased efficiency. This saves time and money.

And in what ways can API make life easier with day-to-day operations, specifically in your JOBka? 😍

  • Automatic employee updates
  • Update smart card numbers for kiosks
  • Display of attendance report
  • Automatic work anniversary, birthday and name day cards
  • Notifications from partner solutions, e.g., cafeteria balance drawdowns by telling employees directly to their JOBka
  • We can more easily create various partner solutions with connections to their systems, such as medical appointment notifications, incoming visits, etc.

💡API is a key building block of the digital world that opens many doors. It offers us a lot of ideas and technical solutions for future app development. 🚪

Web version of JOBka:

💡New JOBka Card module added.

💡New module type "Contacts" (including finding a specific contact, opening the email address in the email client, and the phone number on the contact detail).

💡Coloring of the web JOBka Card according to the company colors.

💡Adjusting the overall style to be as similar as possible to the mobile app style (headers, background, etc.).

💡Added traffic statistics.


💡The ability to log out of the kiosk even if not connected to the internet. 😍

💡Dallas chip reading.

⚠️ You can now request to turn on the web version of JOBka by contacting our support. 🙏🤩

📲 The new phone number for our support is +420 371 655 500.