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What do you miss the most in JOBka?


Our big Christmas contest to win amazing prizes ended last week. 🎄🎅

You can find the results here. Congratulations to all the winners. 

Throughout the contest, you were able to write us your opinions. In the last question, we then invited you to tell us what you miss the most in JOBka. 😍

Your most common answers were:

Full-featured food ordering system for canteens with the ability to order food from a mobile phone, kiosk, or web app.

  • possibility to order or cancel your meal from the comfort of your home

Receive pay slips in PDF format into the module in JOBka. 😍📲

  • Pay slip format: encrypted, password-protected PDF
  • Option to activate additional authentication in JOBka
    • PIN
    • face ID (face verification)
    • touch ID (fingerprint verification)

Attendance overview

No more repeated queries about leave balances, overtime amounts or attendance errors. This module allows you to track your attendance directly in the JOBka mobile app. 📲

You can continuously review your attendance and ask your manager to correct errors. This way, your attendance will be in order at the beginning of the month and you can focus on other activities. 

  • Possibility to review your attendance and check for errors
  • Easy to find out overtime hours, leave left, etc.

Learn more about these modules on our e-shopu. 😍

Now our sales representatives are negotiating with your companies. We do our best to fulfill your wishes.